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Apollo Assist is your energy audit project manager. We have certify your results for tax credits and rebates.

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Buildings must be more than energy efficient today. With an energy audit, you can show that they’re efficient, healthy, and have a minimal carbon footprint. Our energy audits are the solution for your company becoming carbon-free. Our unique project-managed based holistic approach helps companies to reduce your annual energy use, which in turn saves you money on yearly energy spending.

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Let us certify your §45L Tax Credits and §179D Tax Deductions.

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Climate change is the most pressing environmental challenge today. The Inflation Reduction Act is helping companies offset the cost of becoming carbon-free. We help companies managew that process and and provide the necessary certification services afterwards.

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Learn about the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Inflation Reduction Act

The inflation reduction act, prevailing wage, and your questions are answered when you schedule a meeting our engineers. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is the third piece of legislation passed since late 2021 that seeks to improve US economic competitiveness, innovation, and industrial productivity.

Benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act?

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Getting a commercial energy audit and electrifying your company will produce future dividends.

Commercial Energy Audits Done Right.

You cannot fix what you do not know is broke.  A commercial energy audit identifies potential energy efficient improvements by locating where a building is losing energy.  Energy audits also evaluate the energy and water efficiency of building systems such as heating, cooling, lighting, and water heating among other building components. A commercial energy audit also

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We certify your 45L tax credits when making energy efficiency improvements to your low or high-rise properties.

Section 45L Tax Credit Case Study

The federal Energy Efficient New Homes Tax Credit (“45L”) applies to single-family and multi-family dwelling units that are three stories or less above grade, that were constructed new or renovated and sold or leased as a primary residence between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2021.  You can go back three years from your

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Let's Get Started!Get started on your c arbon-free journey with an energy audit and start becoming carbon-free and ESG compliant.

(§45L & §179D)

Do You Qualify? Leverage the 45L tax credits, and 179D tax deductions and other incentives to help you lower your cost to become carbon-free.

& Reporting

Go Carbon Free! You're carbon-free! Does anyone know? Start reporting and get compliant with an energy efficiency upgrade. Get GHG Scope 3 attestations.

Umbrella PPA™
(Power Purchase Agreements)

Let's Finance! With a Power Powerchase Agreement (PPA) you can upgrade your facilities to become carbon-free with no out of pocket cost.