California Title 24 Energy Code 

Title 24 requires certain verification testing be conducted on your home or business whenever you upgrade your existing building or build a new building.

Title 24 standards conserve electricity and natural gas and prevent the state from having to build more power plants. The energy commission accounts for the savings by using forecasting models for residential and commercial energy consumption. The savings are calculated by determining the energy savings associated with a more efficient building standard or appliance.

Apollo Energies can provide the required HERS testing and deliver certifications required to get the permits signed.

There are two methods for achieving Title 24 compliance in California. The most flexible method of Title 24 compliance is the performance method.

Prescriptive Method: The simplest approach to Title 24 compliance where each individual component of the proposed building must meet a prescribed minimum energy requirement. The prescriptive approach is the least flexible yet simplest compliance path. It is simple because an applicant need only show that a building meets each minimum or maximum level prescribed in the set of requirements contained in a package. Unlike the performance method the prescriptive method imposes an upper limit on the number of windows allowed. The prescriptive method is not recommended for new homes or larger additions, and can result in higher construction costs.

Performance Method: The use of Energy Commission-approved computer methods provides the most flexibility and accuracy when seeking Title 24 compliance. Detailed accounting of energy trade-offs between measures is possible with this compliance approach. While this approach requires the most effort, it also provides the greatest flexibility. The computer program automatically calculates the energy budget for space conditioning. The budget is determined from the standard design, a version of the building, which is upgraded or downgraded to achieve minimum compliance with the prescriptive package conservation features.

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