PACE Financing Overview

There are many programs out there that offer PACE financing for residential and commercial properties. Knowing how best to leverage them to finance your improvement needs and also improve your profits, if you're using PACE to finance renoivations for your multifamily or commercial property. PACE stands for Property Accessed Clean Energy.

For Homeowners

Paying for your energy efficiency upgrades can be expensive.  What you are doing is basically correcting the mistakes of the contractor who originally built the house or, did a prior remodel.  Neither of them knew anything about energy efficiency.  What Apollo Energies has done is developed strategies to reduce the money you will actually spend.  Remember, there's paper money, what someone is supposed to cost per contact and what you actually end up spending in terms of hard cold dollars.

Financing is a critical component in that strategy.  The best part about our financing strategy is you have access tothe money for 12-18 months before younbeed to make a paymnent and all the wile gthere is no inteest accruing.

What are PACE Loans?

Many homeowners want to improve their homes but cannot afford the upfront costs of doing the job right. Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a government approved, low-cost, financing solution that provides homeowners with 100% of the funding they need to improve the comfortable and indoor air quality of their homes by reducing their energy use.

Benefits of PACE

Homeowners who utilize a PACE loan will repay the loan via their property tax bill in bi-annual payments.  Typically the money for the payments will come from the savings your energy bill.  If you're utility bill is $50 or more a month and you live in a home that is less than or equal to 3,000 square feet, you are paying too much. A typical 1,200 square foot home shouldn't have more than $50 energy bill and a 3,000 square feet home shouldn't have more than a $100 energy bill. If you fall within these two examples, you need an energy audit and PACE financing can help.

The Apollo Energies Strategy

Use PACE financing to make improves to your home or office or apartmentsWe believe your residential or commercial property should have been comfortable for the occupants, have clean indoor air, and a low energy bill. And we believe you shouldn't have to spend a fortune improving your property.  That's why we developed a proven strategy that helps you take advantage of these financing tools along with local utility rebates to make your improvements.

We look at these improvements as investment opportunities. You don't want to spend money oon losing stocks, so why soend your oney making improvements if utthere's little to no return on your investment. But we also know that if you look at your return using simple payback these improvements will not pencil out. This is true whether you are improving your primary home, rental or improving your apartment or office buildings.

Reach out to us today and let us show you how we can help.

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