Mechanical Acceptance Testing

Acceptance requirements specify targeted inspection procedures and functional performance test procedures that serve to determine whether specific building components, equipment, systems, and interfaces between systems conform to the criteria set forth in the Standards, and the applicable construction documents (plans and specifications). Acceptance requirements ensure code compliance and promote optimization of system efficiency and performance.

As an independant energy reating and consulting company we perform equipment verification and acceptance testing on commercial mechanical HVAC systems. Having a reliable partner to verify your Title 24 compliance is a valuable asset.

Mechanical Acceptance Forms

  • NRCA-MCH-02-A – Outdoor Air Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-03-A – Constant Volume, Single Zone, Unitary Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Systems
  • NRCA-MCH-04-A – Air Distribution Systems Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-05-A – Air Economizer Controls Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-06-A – Demand Control Ventilation Systems Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-07-A – Supply Fan VFD Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-08-A – Valve Leakage Test
  • NRCA-MCH-09-A – Supply Water Temperature Reset Controls Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-10-A – Hydronic System Variable Flow Control Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-11-A – Automatic Demand Shed Control Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-12-A – Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) for Packaged Direct Expansion Units
  • NRCA-MCH-13-A – Automatic Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) for Air Handling Units & Zone Terminal Units
  • NRCA-MCH-14-A – Distributed Energy Storage DX AC Systems Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-15-A – Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-16-A – Supply Air Temperature Reset Controls Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-17-A – Condenser Water Supply Temperature Reset Controls Acceptance
  • NRCA-MCH-18-A – Energy Management Control System Acceptance


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