Commercial Energy Audits Done Right

Not all commercial energy audits are the same.  When done right, having an energy audit is just the first step in the process.  It will finish with you being carbon-free and having increased cash flow.  Whether you own or lease the property, you can become carbon-free and enjoy all the tax benefits that come with it.

The commercial energy audit is the first step to use as we focus on the greenhouse gas protocol scope’s 1, 2, and 3.

With scope 1, we look at your company’s direct carbon emissions.  How many carbons do your company’s operations emit, and how?  Scope 2 focuses on how your company measures emissions from purchased or acquired electricity, e.g., how is the electricity delivered to you produced? With scope 3, we look at your supply chain.  What about all of the emissions your company is responsible for outside of your own walls—from the goods you purchase to the disposal of the products you sell?  We look at your vendors and partners. They are extensions of your organization’s operations.  They account for your indirect emissions. Are they sustainable?  What are they doing to become sustainable?  Can you assist in effecting change in that area?  The Scope 3 Standard is the only internationally accepted method for companies to account for these value chain emissions.

Carbon-Free Does Not Mean Expensive

Becoming carbon-free is relatively inexpensive if you plan and execute properly.  There is a method to this madness and in the end, you will be pleased with the results.  The process is not without a monetary spend, and you can leverage financing. Still, that spend can be returned within the 12 months of completion while immediately allowing you to recognize a substantial increase in your positive cash flow. Regardless of how its paid.

Climate risk is financial risk.  Current market conditions now dictate that you reduce your carbon emissions.  Not becoming carbon-free is already beginning to cost you new business and effecting your revenue growth.  If it’s not yet apparent, it will be.  Here is where Apollo Energies comes in.  We will do your commercial energy audit and work with you to make your company carbon-free.

In return, you will be able to show tangible results on your ESG report.  You will recognize a substantial increase in your cash flow and have paid for the project within the first year. Afterward, we’ll help you with tools to manage your ongoing energy use, or we can continue the engagement, and we will manage it for you.

The Circular Economy Is Here

Staying competitive today requires you to address your company’s sustainability efforts.  What is your company doing to reduce its contribution to climate change?  Becoming carbon-free, starting with a commercial energy audit, is the first step.

To better understand circular economy we can compare it to our current industrial economy, which is dominated by linear processes. Imagine a massive network of conveyor belts where goods are produced, used, and ultimately discarded. This one-way flow has a clear beginning and end.

A circular economy works quite differently. It closes the loop on the linear “take-make-consume-throw away” pattern by retaining the highest utility and value of products, components, and materials for as long as possible. With circular economic activity, waste is reduced to a minimum because everything produced is transferred and used somewhere else, continuously.

Emitting carbons contributes to climate change just like the linear economy contributes to global waste.  This is costing money.  It’s costing the insurance company that has to pay damages due to inclement weather caused by a changing climate that forced a suspension in your company’s operations.  Climate change, real or imagined, is costing or will cost your business.

The Stage Is Set

A commercial energy audit is the first step in guarding your revenue streams, and the stage is set to help you pay for it if you know where to look.  It costs the lending institutions when you cannot make your loan payments due to the inclement weather caused by a changing climate that paused your company’s operations.  It’s increasing the risk the investor sees as he evaluates your company versus your competition. Not to mention your vendors are under the same pressure to get their operations carbon-free.

Apollo Energies pioneered the project-managed-based holistic approach to helping you become carbon-free without all the gimmicks.  Our process guarantees savings and ensures you have tangible evidence to add to your ESG reports.   Give us a call and fill out the form below to learn more.  

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